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Fishing with Particles

Particle baits consist of various nuts, beans, peas, seeds and pulses. They can be a very effective and cheap alternative to Boilies producing excellent results for carp fishing. Below is a list of Particle Baits I use on a regular basis including tips on preparation and uses.

The use of maize has always been a good bet for consistantly catching large numbers of carp. Over the last few years maize has become a very popular bait when used in conjuction with Hemp seed. This combination seems to make the carp become pre-occupied and even spend time searching for the yellow grains. I have found the best way to prepare maize for fishing is to cover the maize in water taken either from the lake or rain water as this doesnt contain any chlorine or additives. Allow this to soak until it starts to ferment and small shoots appear, at this stage the starch will be turning into a form of suger creating a natural attractor. Even though the maize has been soaking for a while it will still be quite hard, but dont worry this is fine the fish seem to like the crunchy texture. I would now boil the maize for 30 mins to stop it from growing and to soften it a little. Let it cool and its ready to go.

An all time favourite of many anglers and most fish seem to love it! Easy to prepare and no special additives are required as it has its own natural oils that are iresistable to carp.
I normally prepare my hemp the morning before i plan to go fishing by simply placing the hemp seed in a large bucket covering with water and letting it soak for the day. After approximately 12 hours poor the hemp and water in to a saucepan and boil for 5 mins to split the seed and release the natural oils. Then return to the bucket once cooled and it will be ready for fishing in the morning. Sugar can be added but i have not found it to make any real difference.

Tiger Nuts
A favourite of mine being very effective in early summer fished in the margins, but not one to be used in large quantities. A few chopped tigers around each hookbait will be plenty to temp a hungry carp.
Soak the tiger nuts for 24-48hrs in water and then boil for 30mins. I sometimes soak the hookbaits in Hinders Betalin for extra attraction but is not always needed.


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