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Some comments we have received from our recent visitors

26 December 2005: Carpenwater would like to wish all our visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, lets hope the fishing will be the best so far. 2006 will be an exciting year with the arrival of the Catfish and the increased growth of the carp, making more double figure fish to aim for. For the new season we have decided to make a few improvements to the layout of the swims and we have also moved the floating island as it seemed to attract quite a lot of line and rigs over the year! Keep an eye on the website for any competitions and up to date news.
22 November 2005: November has proved to be a very productive month with all the mild weather we have had. I even managed to get a few sessions in myself. Several carp into double figures came out and most fell to either sweetcorn or ocean fresh boillies.
21 October 2005
: Lots of carp just into double figures are being caught on sweetcorn and fishmeal boillies fished over a small pva bag of pellets. A 4lb + Barbel was caught during the week and the big white Koi "Ben" which weighed in at just over 17lb.

21 September : Fishing has now been very constant for the last month with some excellent catches of carp.The average size carp is now 4-6lb with 20% of the carp around 8-10lb. Carp pellet paste, sweetcorn and Hallibut Pellet Boillies all working very well.

9 August : We installed a lake bed aeration system 4 weeks ago and it has really made a big difference to the fishing, improving the feeding of the carp.

Fishing: Carp have been feeding very well on sweetcorn and luncheon meat fished on the slopes. Crucians and tench are showing in the morning and evening, again most fish have fallen to sweetcorn. Rudd and Ide are providing lots of action to float fished maggots on the drop, lots of bait is needed to feed off the smaller fish though!

12 July: After a rest period the fish are now feeding well and all the water levels have returned to normal. Sweetcorn fished on the margin slope to the right of peg 4 has been producing several carp nice carp and a few barbel too. Peg 2 has also produced a lot of fish when placing a bait in the deeper channel
, spend some time plumbing around to find it. Feed little and often with corn and carp pellets to keep the fish in your swim.
Advice: We always try to offer as much advice as possible to anglers visiting Carpenwater as we know where the fish feed and what they are eating, so please do not hesitate to ask. As Carpenwater is a new fishery the carp are not used to eating eye catching boillies so they really dont work well! The fish are fed every other day on sweetcorn and carp pellets so it is really worth giving them a go.
26 June: Well it looks like summer has finally arrived with some very hot days and lovely evenings for fishing. The fish at the lake have been spawning during the the past few weeks which had caused the water balance to change due to all the silt being disturbed, fortunately this is now settling back down again. A big Sorry to the anglers that had to have their bookings postponed due to this problem but the health of the fish is very important to us. Some anglers have enjoyed excellent sport from carp with the best catch producing 20 carp with a nice 12lb ghost. As soon as the fish settle back down and recover from the spawning period big catches should be on the cards.

23 May : A nice suprise for one lucky angler at the weekend with a 6lb 4oz red, black and white Koi. More carp are being caught now that the weather is warming up and they certainly have been eating well by the weight they are putting on!

17 May : As the weather is so up and down at the moment the carp are still only feeding when it has been warm. Fishmeal popups and sweetcorn have taken carp fished close to the reeds or out in the middle on the gravel patch. Loads and loads of Rudd with some to over 1lb and the odd crucian to float fished maggots in the margins.
More 3-5lb ghost carp will be stocked soon.

1 May : Float fishing with maggots has been producing loads of rudd with some reaching 1lb. A few ide have been caught whilst fishing for the rudd higher in the water. Carp have been very illusive last few weeks as they seem to be pre occupied feeding on the natural food that has been coming to life in the silt.

16 April
: Water temp is slowly rising now and the carp can occasionaly be seen feeding in the margins, so quiet fishing is essential to capture these fish. Crucians and small carp are feeding well on the marginal slope, so feed little and often. Although the weather seems to be improving the fish are still quite finicky and do seem to have set feeding spells but when they do come on the feed expect lots of action! Red maggots providing best results for smaller fish with flavoured sweetcorn working well for the carp.
Top tip: Fish a natural bait like prawns or cockles very close in, a few rod lengths along from your swim to tempt the margin feeding carp.

Although the water temp is rising it is still only 10-11 degrees C. so the carp are not yet very active but when the sun warms the upper layer the fish begin to feed well. A few more weeks and a rise in air temp will bring the fish out of their dormant winter spell.

11 April: First few bookings have now taken place with mixed results depending on the weather. The warm spell saw a few nice carp taken close in on prawns with a 14lb ghost being the biggest fish so far. As the lake has quite a lot of silt the marginal slopes which are silt free are the best bet until the water temp rises. Single hookbaits with a light scattering of carp pellets is the best method. Float fished maggots and pellets for rudd, small carp and ide. Fishing in the upper water layer when the sun shines produces nice rudd.

April: We have now opened for our first bookings - so pictures of the best catches will be appearing shortly! At last some warm weather is here and the reeds are starting to grow again. All swims are now finished and the lakes wildlife is starting to come to life!
The second feed of the immuno-boost pellets is in progress this week

The fish are starting to show signs of movement now and the first stage of the Immuno-Boost pellets has been introduced to help the fish recover after the long winter period.

This special food is in pelleted form and provides a highly nutritious, balanced food source for coarse fish, with various natural additives, including vitamin C, glucans and naturally-derived immuno-stimulants. It does not contain drugs or antibiotics.

March: More King Carp with with some fully scaled mirrors were stocked also some large ghost carp. The lake measured at over nine feet deep due to all the wet weather we have had.

January: the introduction of more ghost carp in various sizes and colours took place andPlanting of Hybrid willows to provide cover and improve landscape. More wooden fishing platforms have been constructed.


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